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“Uh Yogi… I don't think the ranger is gonna like this.”



"Looka there Boo-boo! A lonesome type picnic basket just waiting to be picked up and pick-nicked!"

The way I like to show my respect & awe for nature is to take out my camera and blind the wildlife with flash photography.

A funny thing happened on our way into Yellowstone. Lori got out to use the bathroom at a picnic area, and I waited in the car. Naturally, we attract a coyote. Boy, did Lori have a funny expression on her face when she opened the bathroom door to find that fella wedged between her and the car! Oh, and a little known fact: you can tell that it's a coyote, and not a wolf, by the lack of a distinctive Daniel-shaped blur in the background.

Sulfur springs on the lake.


Oh give me a home...

Where the buffa... never mind.

Cool. Mud.

Erm. Well. Hot, actually.

Lori vs. The Mud Pit

Damned things are everywhere.

The upper falls.

The lower falls. Ahh, Yellowstone, on a clear day. What could possibly go wrong? Duh dun dun!

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