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“I want ice-cream!”
“It's October. It's 40 degrees out.”
“I want ice-cream!”


Here I am eating a fresh doughnut in front of the world famous Wall Drug, of Wall, SD. The proprietors have, in Burma Shave fashion, erected literally hundreds of billboards on highways all over the American west, and a few all over the world. After a several hundred miles of the signs, we felt like we HAD to stop there. As you can see, I wasn't let down at all, mutter mutter.

I don't like pennies. Seriously. I think the Treasury Department needs to stop minting them. Why? Because they're worthless. You're saying to yourself, "I thought they were worth exactly $0.01." Ok, smartass. As of 2001, 71% of the US Mint's production went towards making 12 billion pennies. 71% for something half of Americans say they would not bother bending over to pick up from the street, millions of dollars of which are thrown away in the trash each year! It costs a store $.60 to buy 50 pennies in a roll. Pennies that they GIVE away if you need them! (And so, in effect we're already rounding off to the nearest nickel.)

Okay. Anyway, so I bet Lori, who believes in pennies, that she would not be able to find anything to purchase for one cent. Obviously, I was not anticipating the above. Thanks, Wall Drug. Oh, and p.s., the US Treasury stopped minting half-pennies in 1857, and everything worked out just fine.

Some guys. Or something.

They had these mountain goats just wandering around. Now that's one angry yak.

Looking up Washington's nose.

Yet another beautiful sunset over America. *Yawn* Bye bye, South Dakota.

Lori was completely taken with these vintage gas pumps (crank and all).

Welcome to Wyoming.

The Sheridan Inn, Home of Buffalo Bill, National Historic Landmark.

Despite what the sign said, no lunch was being served (and wouldn't be for a year), and the saloon was definitely NOT open. Oh, believe me. I tried to get sloshed. We paid $4 for a "self guided tour." Which was pretty good... FOR ME TO POOP ON!

Back on the road, driving through one national park or another.

Our motel. We were told when we checked in the night before that Yellowstone may be closed due to snowfall. Fortunately, the weather let up and we were able to head out. Or, did it...? (Ah, that's some good foreshadowing.)

Oh no, I don't need help. Just keep taking pictures, honey.

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