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“Here, let me see your hands.”
“Uhm, why?”
“It says here that a good way to tell if your date is a man, is by looking at her hands. See, if your ring finger is longer tha…OW!!”


Well, we didn't really say good bye to Canada right then. We drove through Canada on the QEW for about a day and crossed the border near Detroit. And BAH! I chickened out and didn't get the cigars. We didn't stop in Detroit because... well... have you ever seen Robocop? It's a lot like that. Anyway, next stop, Chicago!

We took a riverboat tour of the city's architecture. It sounds dull, but it's actually one of the more worthwhile tourist activities in Chicago.

Odd circular apartment buildings. Each flat is pie slice shaped, I guess.

Chicago is kind of cold. Doubly so on the roof of a boat going down the river.

I gave up about halfway through and went inside for an Irish coffee...

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