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“Waaahaha ha ha hee hee hee! Whee!”



...I meant north. This is Niagara Falls lit up at night. They turn the lights off at midnight, and we had made it just in time.

But really, what's a few hundred miles out of your way when you're driving several thousand...

The falls, in the day, from the Canadian side.

Right before we reached the falls, we stopped by Buffalo, NY to visit Sam. "Be a good chap and fetch our bags. There's a shiny nickel in it for ya!"

Lori (thinking to self): "Woo this is fun!"
Daniel (thinking to self): "Now where can I hide the Cubans I'm going to smuggle in..."

The cheapest lodging of our entire trip was here in Niagara, and we were in a fairly nice hotel right by the falls. It's like the Canadians don't know how to gouge tourists.

Right by the falls was a topiary garden that was supposed to be a really big deal. Or something.

Here I am indicating to passers-by that I thoroughly enjoyed the show, by pointing to my smile. Inwardly, I am glad that we snuck in and didn't pay the $20 admission fee. TAKE THAT CANADA!!

Yep. That's a lot of water.

Bye bye Canada!

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