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05.   Consumer network device
litl, LLC

  Help a technology startup define the user space for a revolutionary consumer product. Design an award winning experience through interface, interaction, and service design.

First boot


Selecting a wireless network (hover)

Initial startup screen

Expanded wireless options

Connection transition


Pairing introduction

Searching for pair

Selecting from a list

Finishing the connection

Home & web browser


Home screen


System cards

Web start page

URL autocomplete

URL autocomplete

Web content (browser controls on hover)

Web content (default state)

Expanded search box

Channel preview



Photos - timeline view (navigating left)


Timeline (hover)

Timeline (picklist open)


Photos - timeline (detail)


Single album view (navigating right)


Photos - album view


Photos - single album view


Single album view (navigating right)

Single album view (picklist open)


Attached camera (hover)


Attached camera (marked for deletion)

Timeline (picklist open)

Upload (multiple sites)

Ordering prints

Web uploading

Album switching (channel view)



Recommended cards

Photos screensaver

Friend network page

Friend page

Low battery power

Save inturrupted

Contextual controls (video)


Full-screen video controls



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