photo book design : identities
  The goal of this project was to create an artifact that challenged someone's preconceived notions. For the subject I chose technology; most people believe in technology, usually unknowingly and with child-like wonderment. I fall into this category. (I'm a geek. I love the stuff.)

To challenge this given, I looked to THE source for technology criticism--the Unabomber Manifesto. I'm no Luddite, but the Manifesto has profoundly changed my thinking on a fundamental level. The big surprise in the course of my research was not that Kaczynski's argument was intelligent and well written, but the lack of those same qualities in the media's reply. Popular rejoinders consisted mainly of "he's wrong because he killed people."

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dan elder
cancer food?
"A cure for cancer will save uncountable lives. But will require the development of new gene therapy techniques to deal with the resulting weakening of the genetic pool." "Food? There's a good chance that the last tomato you ate was enhanced with genes taken from an arctic flounder..."
collect insert
"Where we once collected information" "We now insert it"