rivers : the huang he

My senior project with Ken Hiebert was called, Rivers: Multiple Currents of Change. The goal of the course was to study a river in depth and design an artifact that represented the multiple contrasting themes in the river's history. My chosen river was Huang He, The Yellow River.

21"x13" Poster (click image for a detail section)

10"x20"Alternate Poster (click image for a detail section)
China's inherent relationship with the Huang He is one of paradoxes. Westerners have named the river "China's Sorrow," because over the centuries it has killed more people than any other river in the world. Yet it is also regarded as the "Cradle of Chinese Civilization," and is often described in art & mythology by maternal imagery.

The map above describes the geography of the river and how it has affected the development of the Chinese civilization.

The poster to the left tells the Taoist story of how the Huang He emerged from the veins of the First Man, Pan Ku.