april thirtieth. what are you still doing here? go look at fuzzysquid.com! it's much more well-adjusted. and its got e-commerce!

february twenty-first. put up a bunch of stuff in the portfolio section. fixed a few bugs here and there. slept 12 hours last night; feel pretty good about that.

fuzzysquid has been up for about a week. still working the kinks out of the merchandising.

february twelfth, two thousand one. fuzzysquid.com is set to go live soon, been working on that this weekend. also finished what i hope to be the final revision on tommy's site.

noticed i need to take advantage of spellcheck in bbedit more often.

december fifth. i think people ultimately know exactly what they want. and they pursue this, and get it. this is why flipping a coin is a great way to decide something. when it lands you either say yes this is right, or no f- that.

the funny thing is, lately, i don't think i've known what i want. or rather, i don't want anything i know. i don't want to eat, i don't want sex, i don't want love, i don't want a dog, i don't want drugs.

december fourth. this semester has been exhausting. i bought fuzzysquid.com last week, and this site is mirrored there. eventually it'll have its own content. i'm working on it right now, but its big. and fuzzy. and 56" long.

october third. i forgot to pay the rent. goddamnit.

september ninth, two-thousand every year i have less to say and i think this is good. it's also true that right now i have never been more uncertain about what my life is going to be like. there's not much to do but be quiet and see what happens.